Rebecca Ghaderi talks about the modeling profession

Rebecca Ghaderi is a bachelor’s degree in clothing and fashion design, who started her modeling career at a young age and has now established her own brand in Turkey. For the first time, at the age of 13, he faced the encouragement and support of his family to participate in modeling by publishing her photos in different poses. Her activity as a makeup and clothing model with different Iranian maisons made her face more known. This was the beginning of her professional activities abroad and finally she decided to continue her activity abroad as a model in the international arena. Now, along with modeling activities with international faces, she has established her own brand called Rebecca Ghaderi Collection, which has been well received by people.

Rebecca said, “When a clothing designer or accessory manufacturer launches a product, they usually need a way to showcase it to the public. This is where modeling comes in. When trying to market and showcase a new fashion to an audience, designers Fashion often uses models that are similar to the target audience. For example, plus-size models typically model plus-size clothing. Short models may be used to model fashion specific to short people, or for example, child models to show children’s clothing.
Fashion modeling involves using the physical state of people’s bodies to represent a certain product. This allows people to see, for example, how a particular garment looks on the body.

Although many people believe that modeling is only about wearing different and beautiful clothes, it is not all about it. While the fashion modeling career can be exciting and glamorous, it can also be quite demanding and stressful.

If you are comfortable taking pictures and enjoy dressing up, you may be interested in modeling. Understanding exactly what a model does can help you choose a modeling career that suits your interests. So, first of all, we need to get to know who a model is and what kind of person is called a model.

A model works with manufacturing brands, fashion designers, photographers and to promote a wide range of products. Brands hire models to wear trendy clothes for magazine ads, fashion shows on social media, clothing websites, and online cosmetics sales. Models generally have stylists and stylists who coordinate their clothes, hairstyles, and looks, but they are ultimately responsible for how they present what they’ve been given in front of the camera. Photos and videos of models are displayed in all kinds of magazines, catalogs and social networks.
Basically, models should look and behave in a certain way; So they have to try to maintain a certain image of themselves. This usually involves strict diets and exercise to keep them in top shape, and they must be well versed in the science of diet and skin care methods. Fashion models themselves should usually be up-to-date and follow the latest fashions and act like a role model.”


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