Zuckerberg’s dream with Threads

According to Engget, Zuckerberg said during Meta’s Q3 earnings call: “I’ve thought for a long time, there should be a billion-person public conversation program that’s a little bit more positive, and I think if we continue to do that for a couple of years.” “We will have a good chance to achieve our vision.”

The growth of Trades since its initial launch has been closely watched many times. The program had managed to attract 100 million users in its first week, but due to reasons including limited functionality and inappropriate feeds, it soon saw a decrease in user engagement. However, Meta has always added new features to its platform, and this has led to an increase in user engagement with it in recent weeks.

Another noteworthy point is that Trades’s competitor, X and Elon Musk, are offering undesirable changes and new features. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Threads has apparently managed to attract some former “power users” of X.

Meta said during its earnings call that it had more than $34 billion in revenue in the third quarter, which shows a 23 percent increase compared to last year. Zuckerberg told analysts that Meta’s recent focus on efficiency, which led to more than 20,000 job losses last year, has been an effective strategy and will continue as the company faces very turbulent times.

Finally, although Zuckerberg also announced that Meta will continue to work on artificial intelligence, its Reality Labs unit, which focuses on augmented and virtual reality projects, continues to be loss-making, posting a loss of 3.7 percent last quarter on revenue of $210 million. billion for the quarter and reported more than $11 billion since the start of 2023.


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