Introduction of freelancing sites suitable for graphic designers by Aryan Khodakarami

Aryan Khodakarami, a famous Iranian singer, started making a professional album in 2018, which has recently been shared on the most prestigious platforms and has been met with a unique reception from people. The remarkable thing about him is that besides being a good singer, Aryan is also known as a creative and impressive graphic designer.

Aryan Khodakarami says: “Freelance graphic designers do design work without needing a supervisor or manager to communicate with clients. Although there is no definite method or specific ways for this work, creating a strong and complete resume on LinkedIn or Freelancing sites that stick in the mind of clients can help.Some very good sites to start freelancing for graphic designers are:

  • KIWI site
    KIWI is a powerful freelance website that launched in 2020 and finds ideal choices for graphic designers. This site also provides the possibility of part-time or full-time employment.

  • Upwork site
    Upwork is a name that needs no introduction in the digital world. This company has been operating for some time and has become famous in most fields of work, including graphic design. It is very easy to create a user account along with a comprehensive training unit on this platform, and from hiring a corel designer to hiring a logo designer, among the job opportunities that can be achieved on this platform.

  • Freelancer site
    This website is one of the most popular online digital service portals that provide control over all projects. As a customer, you can wait for offers such as Photoshop jobs or search for freelancers yourself. Freelancer has the possibility to pay step by step and after the work is finished, which shows its flexibility.

  • AwesomeWeb site
    AwesomeWeb manually reviews each account to maintain quality control. In fact, a freelancer who has more skills and qualifications to work on a project has a better chance of being hired. Although the site has expanded slowly, it offers freelancers and personal clients the same support without charging extra.

  • Guru site
    Guru is a digital services marketplace where companies can search for freelancers in specific fields like hiring a corel designer or hiring a logo designer. In addition, it provides the possibility of posting job listings, browsing freelancers’ accounts, and contacting any freelancer that catches your eye. The most important thing about Guru is its flexibility. You can pay after the work is done or at designated points and hourly. “


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