US basketball coach emphasis on winning gold at the Olympics

The last World Basketball Cup ended as the US national team returned to his country without medal, and now the focus of the US basketball is focused on the Paris Olympics, where the challenge would be even harder than the World Cup and remind the Americans again. How changed the game of Fiba.

US basketball coach Steve Kerr, who will be with the team at the Paris Olympics, insisted that they have a good team and should go through the results. “The mission will not change; Gold medal. Silver or bronze is not enough and the repetition of Manila’s fourth place will be a disaster.

“On paper, everything looks easy, but it’s not,” said Steve Kerr. It will probably never be easy.

The United States has gone to the Olympics five times in the men’s basketball and has won two medals, the last of which is gold.

“I don’t think we can’t lose, but I think the fear of loss is what drives us,” said Carmel Anthony, an American basketball legend, who won a few colorful medals, as an American and basketball player. Victory leads us to a bad feeling after losing.

The US national team’s technical staff will make serious decisions about players in the coming weeks and months. Some of the players in the World Cup will be maintained in the squad, and we may see the addition and additions.

The US national basketball team coach noted: What we tried to do is learn what makes the Fiba Championships win. We have really read everything about Fiba and Basketball of America; We know what the reason was and what the reason it was. We examine everything in detail.

The American Men’s Basketball Team is now thinking of medal in the Olympics. Reports indicate that the country could see its largest and most brilliant stars for the Olympics. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wants to play for the US team at the Olympics.


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