A fire in an American refinery

News sources reported on Friday evening that a fire and a chemical leak in a refinery in a city in the state of Louisiana, USA, caused an evacuation order for the surrounding areas.

This fire happened at the Marathon Petroleum Refinery in Grayville, 40 miles from New Orleans.

According to ABC News, officials also announced that a substance called “naphtha” is also leaking. “Naphtha” is a volatile and highly flammable liquid that can also be used as fuel.

Hours after the news of the fire was published, Marathon Petroleum Company announced in a statement that it was able to control the leakage of this chemical substance and the fire. The company claimed that no one was injured.

Before that, the company asked all residents within a two-mile radius of the incident to leave the area. Following this order, some schools in the surrounding areas were evacuated.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and the authorities have said that they will investigate it.

Fox News has written in its report that one of the naphtha tanks in this refinery had a leak and caused a fire. This incident caused thick black smoke to spread in the surrounding areas.

After being released into the environment, naphtha can enter the body through breathing or absorption through the skin and cause unpleasant conditions such as headache, nausea and vomiting.





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