Announcing the date of Gerard Pique’s marriage with his fiancee Clara Chia on a special night

It is said that former Barcelona star Gerard Pique plans to marry his fiancee Clara Chia soon and will announce this news at his brother’s wedding, and apparently Shakira did not allow her sons to attend Pique’s brother’s wedding.

The former star of Barcelona has announced that on the wedding night of his brother, he will announce the news of his engagement to the media and the time of his marriage.
Reports indicate that Gerard Pique plans to marry Clara Chia soon and will announce this news at his brother’s wedding.

According to Spanish media, Gerard Pique is planning to marry his fiancee Clara Chia and is going to announce his engagement. Earlier this month, Pique, 36, and Clara, 24, were spotted at a jewelry store in Barcelona, where they were said to be talking to an employee about making a ring.

Last year, Pique broke up with Shakira, who is also the mother of his two children. The soccer star and Clara Chia made their relationship public less than a year ago at a music festival in Barcelona. Sources close to Clara Chia and Pique claim that the couple is indeed planning to tie the knot within the next month.

This source told Spanish media: “Gerard Pique and Clara Chia are getting married soon. They are also looking for an ideal time to publicize this good news.

The news will be announced on another important date for Pique, the wedding of his brother Mark, who is set to marry his childhood sweetheart Maria on June 24.

It is said that Shakira did not allow Pique to take their two sons, ten-year-old Milan and eight-year-old Sasha, to her brother’s wedding. The Colombian singer also seems to have gotten over the rough post-breakup period and has been in a relationship with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton since moving to Miami with his sons.

The relationship between Shakira and Lewis Hamilton is still making news, and the journalist who publishes the most news about this relationship is Jordy Martin, who has been covering Shakira’s news for years and has a very good relationship with this singer.

The journalist recently revealed details about a possible romance between the artist and the Formula One driver on the TV show Amor y Fuego, quoting people close to Shakira as saying that the Colombian singer is happy and having a good time. He also explained that the couple plans to take their relationship slowly.





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