Characteristics of an entrepreneur by Mehran Asadian

Mehran Asadian says that: “The characteristics of entrepreneurs can be recognized from their high skills and abilities, but they also have other superior characteristics, these characteristics or characteristics include creativity and ability, and it can even be said They do not shy away from problems and are not afraid of problems in the society, and they always continue to succeed in the society.

A more accurate definition of an entrepreneur can be given is that entrepreneurs are also those who know that there is a risk in front of them but still they do not stop trying and some of them are those who start a successful business. do But note that all entrepreneurs do not necessarily work only for themselves, there are those who are also known as entrepreneurs in the company or organization, but in order to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to put in a lot of effort. This is not how you become an entrepreneur.

Some people who are different from others in another area can also learn more skills and strengthen them. A successful entrepreneur must have a working partnership with others because this method is very important because later it is necessary to communicate with people such as customers, shareholders, and investors and other people. In some other fields, there are people who are more talented.

Entrepreneurs must be able to achieve what is important in their business because most of the work is the responsibility of the entrepreneur himself. Communication skills: Every entrepreneur must have the ability to communicate with others.

When a person wants to become an entrepreneur, he can participate in entrepreneurship training courses, because the more he improves his knowledge, the more successful he is in his work. Many business owners go into business with insufficient information and have trouble dealing with people. Be sure that the person who is going to start a new business is a capable person because not everyone can afford to start a new business.


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