The arrest of the former First Minister of Scotland

Media sources reported on Sunday that the former First Minister of Scotland was arrested by the police in connection with financial affairs.

The BBC news website wrote that Nicola Sturgeon, the former First Minister of Scotland, has been arrested in connection with the investigation into the budget and financial affairs of the Scottish National Party. Sturgeon, 52, was arrested in Glasgow on Sunday and is being questioned by detectives, police confirmed.

Under the Scottish Criminal Justice Act, police can release a suspect for further investigation, but can re-arrest him.

Nicola Sturgeon has resigned as First Minister of Scotland after eight years. The resignation follows a series of political setbacks and comes as support for Scottish independence, a key SNP policy, has fallen from over 50% to under 40% since January.

Sturgeon has been a member of the Scottish Parliament since 1999 and became the deputy leader of the Scottish National Party in 2004. He succeeded Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, in November 2014. For many, he has become the face of Scottish independence during his tenure as First Minister. But in reality, it is not clear if and when another referendum will be held.

The outgoing first minister of Scotland announced earlier this year that he plans to hold a consultative referendum on independence on October 19, 2023, but it must be legal and internationally recognized. He also said that if this land gains independence, it will return to the European Union.

The Guardian newspaper also wrote that Sturgeon is the third person to be arrested as part of Police Scotland’s investigation into claims that more than £600,000 of donations were spent on the party. Earlier, Peter Morrell, Sturgeon’s husband and a former top official of the Scottish party, was arrested and questioned for nearly 12 hours before being released without charge.


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