The Vatican informs about the physical condition of “Pope Francis”.

On Saturday, the Vatican made a report and announced that the physical condition of “Pope Francis”, the leader of the world Catholics, is favorable after his three-hour surgery.

According to Turkey’s Anatolia news agency, the Vatican announced on Saturday that Pope Francis is doing well after surgery.

Based on medical advice, Pope Francis will conduct Sunday’s Mass alone, the Vatican said in a statement. The Vatican also added that blood tests and X-rays of the Pope’s chest after the surgery were fortunately successful and good. Pope is now on a semi-liquid diet.

86-year-old Pope Francis was admitted to a hospital in Rome, Italy last Wednesday for an abdominal surgery. This is the third hospitalization for Pope Francis since the cardinals elected him as the first pope from Latin America in 2013.

Sergio Alfieri, the chief surgeon of the hospital where the Pope underwent surgery, said that the Pope will probably be hospitalized at the Policlinico Hospital until the end of the week.

Pope Francis had previously said that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 paved the way for the resignation of popes. Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013 due to old age and physical problems, becoming the first pope to resign from the Vatican after 600 years.

Despite health problems, Pope Francis has a detailed schedule of meetings and visits. The Vatican announced that he plans to visit Mongolia at the end of June. Before that, the Pope is going to travel to Portugal to participate in the “World Youth Day” in the city of “Lisbon”.


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