Online harassment is punishable by new guidelines in China

According to Reuters reports, while cyber bullying and attacks targeting women and children in particular have raised concerns.

The guidelines were written by the Ministry of Public Security and the Supreme People’s Court of China in response to the threat of online harassment to public order and people’s rights.

According to the draft, cyber violence includes behavior such as spreading online rumors, insults, and publishing private information, and considering the severity of this, the authorities consider such actions to be punishable under the criminal law.

Chinese media have recently reported events that have led to public debate and speculation about the publication of people’s private data on the Internet without their consent, as well as how to deal with such matters.

In a recent example, the media attributed the suicide of a young mother in the central city of Wuhan to social media criticism of her behavior after the death of her 6-year-old son who had crashed into a teacher’s car at school. This young mother jumped from a high building 10 days after this event.


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