Another warning about the interference of artificial intelligence in elections

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, warned the US Senate on Tuesday that the use of artificial intelligence to interfere with the integrity of elections is a matter of considerable concern.

He continued: “I think we still need rules and guidelines on what is expected of a modeling company in terms of disclosure.” I am anxious about it.

It was Altman’s first time speaking before the US Congress, and it was notable that he warned US officials that they should consider strict licensing and testing requirements for the development of artificial intelligence models.

When asked which artificial intelligence should be licensed, Altman replied that any model that can persuade or manipulate a person’s beliefs is an example of this red line.

Additionally, he claimed that companies should be free to decide that they don’t want their data to be used to train AI, a concept that has been discussed before. Altman added that it would be fair to use data in the public domain of the web.

Ultimately, Altman stated that he never says never to advertising, but is leaning more toward a subscription-based model.

Altman’s presentation was one of several at the Senate hearings, as the White House invites top tech executives to raise concerns about artificial intelligence with U.S. lawmakers who are looking to expand the technology’s benefits while also wanting to use it. Limit the wrong of it, raise it.

There is no way to put this genie in a bottle because it is exploding globally, said Sen. Cory Booker, a lawmaker concerned about how best to regulate artificial intelligence.

Altman’s warnings about artificial intelligence and elections come as companies large and small compete to bring artificial intelligence to market with billions of dollars in circulation. But experts everywhere have warned that the technology may worsen societal ills like prejudice and misinformation. Some have even gone so far as to predict that artificial intelligence can end humanity.

The White House is taking all of these concerns seriously and is meeting with all relevant officials and managers to ensure that the worst-case scenarios do not occur.


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