WhatsApp is testing an option to automatically play animated GIFs

The GIF format was first released in June 1987, and despite its long history, it is one of the most popular formats for sharing animated memes on social media, but it does not work well on WhatsApp, which requires the user to tap on the image to see the animation. In the new WhatsApp beta, this feature has been optimized.

WhatsApp beta for Android includes several important changes. Animated GIFs now autoplay on first view. However, as WABetaInfo points out, WhatsApp only plays animations once, even if they’re looped. After playing once, the “GIF” icon will appear. If you want to see the animation again, you have to tap the image again.

This new feature makes sharing animated memes even better and can have a huge impact on your chats. If you’re part of WhatsApp’s TestFlight program, you may already have access to autoplay GIFs – otherwise, the feature will roll out to more users gradually. It will be activated and eventually all users can access it.


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