Soheil Naderi Dj Alvin from the category of DJs in terms of work level says:

DJs are classified into different classes. The salary that a DJ receives for performing is directly related to the level and class of their activity. What level and class a DJ is placed in depends on their musical knowledge, sound and activity. His studios are relevant.

Globally, DJs who are proficient in music, music, composition and arrangement are classified in Class A. At this level, DJs make most of their compositions at festivals and concerts, usually due to his popularity. Encounters, performs for his fans.

Level 2 or Class B DJs have not been very active in producing music, but with their knowledge of tuning science, they make remixes and make interesting changes to the top songs heard.

Most DJs make up the DJs of club DJs and occasions and happy family gatherings. Or Class C. These people are far more than Class A and B DJs, they perform in nightclubs, birthdays, weddings or special occasions. Of course, first and second class DJs also perform in These occasions participate, but with a higher salary than third-degree DJs.

DJ Shows by DJ Alvin:

After all, there are few people who have no talent in arranging, composing, remixing and even making podcasts. Even DJ techniques and techniques are not well trained. The margins of this profession are very important. Unfortunately, this DJ model is not rare in our country!

The advent of DJs in Iran

DJ Alvin says that in recent years, as the number of people interested in live music for parties has decreased and DJs have been replaced by bands, people who used to work in these groups have turned to DJs with the dissolution of their bands. The reason for the increase in small family celebrations is that people outside the world of art and music, turned to this profession without passing the DJ training course.

Listening to a DJ’s portfolio in the form of a podcast or remix can be effective in identifying and selecting a good DJ who is proficient in DJing techniques.

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