The best eyebrow transplant method in the world:

At present, eyebrow transplant, super transplant, is the best method offered in eyebrow and hair transplant, which is a complementary method of hair transplant, and it can perform broadshot follicles without any complications, without the need for stitches and head cutting, through special needles. Then the obtained follicles are planted layer by layer by special needles.

کاشت مو

کاشت ابرو

کاشت ریش

جراحی پلک


کاشت ابروی طبیعی

کاشت ابرو


تزریق چربی


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This method is performed in Iran as a super transplant method in the specialized clinic of Tehran Beauty Center, and people can use this excellent method to treat the loss of their eyebrows.

In Tehran Beauty Center Super, eyebrow transplantation is performed by the most skilled specialists in this field, that is why new follicles are implanted without damaging the original eyebrow follicles and without damaging them. Hair and creating a beautiful model for the eyebrows, a natural and beautiful look for the eyebrows will appear in a short period of time.






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