Today, we would like to speak with Ali Sadeghian Saqai, who is one of Iran’s tasteful musicians, about the role of music on culture.

Human emotions are artistically presented to others. Ali Sadeghian says about the authentic Azeri music that Azeri music is only one of the branches of the culture of Azerbaijan and the Turkish-speaking people of Iran. Its roots go back to the distant past, Ali Sadeghian is not only a young musician but also a very talented comedian and actor.
Ali Sadeghian is a researcher in the field of art and loves his work. Ali Sadeghian says about Iranian classical music: Iranian traditional music, which is also known as authentic Iranian music, Iranian classical music, and instrumental music.
which includes songs, instruments, songs.
From years before the Christ era until today, it has been going hand in hand among the people of Iran, and what was more pleasant, simpler and understandable is available today.
A large part of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, and Greece is influenced by this music, and each of them has had an impact on the formation of this music.





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