What are the necessary conditions to become a model? From the words of Amin RZ:*

Modeling is one of the few jobs that does not have a specific age group for activity and includes all age groups from children to adults.

But the point in this regard is that a person who is interested in working in the fashion industry, in addition to all the charms and beauties that exist for him, must go through a series of difficulties and obstacles in order to be able to act as a May the model shine.

Among these hardships, we can mention giving up any food including sugar and fat.

A model should know the principles of posing in the photo and be ready and trained in terms of doing sports exercises and have a regular sleep because, contrary to what some people think, being a model is not only limited to an attractive face, the right height and weight, and the right body style. .

Some people apply for modeling registration with the idea that modeling is not difficult at all and is just fun and entertainment, but such people should know that every profession has its own difficulty and in order to achieve the success they want, they must undergo professional training.

and correct their diet and have professional exercises.





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