Is the license for Milad Tower concert by Reza Moosavi issued? Or is it in a veil of ambiguity?

The fact that in the last days before Reza Moosavi September concert, the relevant organs could not make the necessary arrangements has caused a little anger among the team of Reza Moosavi agents and the fans of these famous and well-known Iranian musicians.

“I have filled the Milad Tower with crowds many times, and this is what is happening,” he announced in a rostrum.

He stated in a story: “Dear fans, we will continue to work away from any margins, we hope that this problem will be solved as soon as possible.”

Reza Moosavi is a musician and guitarist, pianist, violinist, and holder of a prestigious degree in sound engineering from the Ukrainian University of Arts.

It is not known what field he studied in his youth, but from his childhood It can be understood that Reza Moosavi has undoubtedly become one of the music stars of Iran and even the Middle East.

Reza Moosavi currently has more than 20 world concerts and 70 domestic performances in his repertoire.

His most famous music and work was the music of “Ghorbat”, which was able to record the best melodic performance in his repertoire by using a combination of traditional and modern art.

Reza Moosavi has had many cuckoo works so far, his albums “Ineffective” and “I Love” became one of the best albums in the history of Iran in 2012 and 2013.

Reza Moosavi was born on Iran. He loved singing and music since he was a child, and this led Reza Moosavi to learn to play the piano at the age of five.

He had a child and according to his family members, Reza Moosavi had a very loud and beautiful voice.





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