Amir Hossein Zaeri said this about rap music:

Rap music is a kind of verbal and spoken music with rhythm and song. This style of music was first formed by black Americans in the New York Bronx. Rap is 2,000 years old and its subjects are mostly critical and protesting on various issues.

Music is included in a specific style according to the way it is performed, the type of instruments used in the piece, the type of words and the way words and poems are performed, the content and themes of the piece, and so on.

These differences in the parts have led to the emergence of different styles. One of the most popular styles from the past to the present is rap style.

Rap ​​music is actually a verbal and spoken music that is accompanied by rhythm and song and has a fast beat. In addition to being an art and music, rap is a way for young people to protest. Whenever and wherever young people protest, they express it in the form of a piece of music and fast-paced words.

In fact, rap style has more social and protest themes and expresses problems such as poverty or unemployment. Amir Hossein Zaeri
Some rappers are so adept at singing rhythmic pieces that they can convey their feelings to the listener even without a song or instrument. Rap music is very flexible because it has no rules or framework to follow the rules.





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