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Melbourne, Australia, 29th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, With the release of her career, life and confidence shifting podcast, ‘Speaking With Influence And Power’, Maria Pellicano empowers listeners to explore the influential power to be accessed, through discovering their voice and message.

With a deep passion for helping people to discover and share their most authentic and true selves, Maria Pellicano has spent a lifetime exploring voice, message and mindset, through both her singing and vocal coaching and working with business professionals. Maria has neatly packaged together valuable lessons, taken directly from live sessions with clients, to create useful and applicable strategies, that can help her clients, listeners and readers to move forward with their careers, lives and selves, free of charge.

“Nobody really knows the sound of their voice, and most are unable to control the sound of their voices.” Maria Pellicano 

With a lifelong vision for sharing her empowering message, Maria Pellicano is the author of book, ‘The Art of Powerful Communication’, Creator of the Speak With Power & Influence Program course, and facilitates private voice coaching sessions for professionals.

Maria Pellicano has also been featured on Samantha Riley’s Thought Leaders podcast, Podcast My Business podcast, Talking With The Experts podcast, The 2 Minute Mentor podcast, The Savvy Dentist podcast and Industry Thought Leader podcast. Maria has also worked as a voice coach with businesses such as VCAT, Trivago, AGL Energy, and been a speaker at events such as A Woman of Influence Conference and the Notonos Gender Equity Makers Program.

Maria Pellicano is an Australian author, voice coach, public speaker, teacher and singer. With more than 20 years of experience, she has helped over 5,000 people find their voice, presence and confidence and to communicate with influence and impact.

Through her experience, she has learnt first-hand, the impact experienced by people who have not been able to access the power within their voices. There is often an overall feeling of speakers not getting the best out of themselves, feeling stifled and held back.

With a career that began with her passion of working with singers, Maria works with individuals, leaders, influencers and businesses through communication and voice coaching, training, mentoring and coaching and corporate development programs, utilising her three step model of Mindset, Message and Voice.

Maria regularly works with mentoring executives, managers, CEO and leaders from Fortune 100 organizations, with the focus on improving tonality and to move towards effective and confident public speaking, Maria works with clients to develop a voice that is strong, a mindset that empowers you to be passionate and committed to your calling and a message that is appropriately designed to address the needs of your specific audience, clients and relationships.

If you are looking to improve the way that you communicate with an audience, your staff, team or managers, be more effective within difficult and high stake conversations, to create authentic presence when sharing with your team, or within professional or personal conversations, Maria can assist you in achieving your goals.

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