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Preserve your eyesight; it is not too late. Here are a few tips to consider in your everyday routine to keep your eyes in a healthy condition

Eyesight is often taken for granted, and eye health should be prioritised in a daily routine. While people tend to think of vision as an unchangeable constant in their lives, it’s important to note that people can do things to influence their eye health on an everyday basis.

Diet plays an integral role in a healthy body but, more specifically, has a lot of impact on ocular health as well. Many biological processes rely on the vitamins and minerals we obtain through food to function properly, including maintaining excellent vision. For instance, Omega 3 fatty acids are involved in the healthy growth of a child’s brain and eyes during early development, with deficiencies linked to neurological conditions in children. Omega 3’s are usually obtained through fatty fish such as salmon. However, they can also be obtained through nutritional supplements. When buying an Omega 3 supplement, look for adequate dosages of EPA and DHA. These are the specific fatty acids that make Omega 3s the nutritional powerhouses that they are.

Another essential aspect of nutrition for eye health is ensuring sufficient vegetable intake, specifically green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. These provide the body with zinc, iron and vitamin C. Zinc is involved in the formation of pigments in your retina as well as staving off macular degeneration. Studies have shown that people with cataracts tend to have low levels of antioxidants in their systems, and Vitamin C is a well-known and easy to obtain antioxidant.

Jacqueline Gattengo, a Smart Vision Optometrist at Eyes InDesign Bondi says that proper hygiene plays a crucial role in eye health. “Regularly washing hands can also reduce the risk of infections such as microbial keratitis and corneal inflammation”. In addition, researchers have linked hand washing to decreased rates of reported eye infections. “We touch our eyes more than we realise and can bring in a lot of dirt and bacteria”, says Gattengo.

Another simple daily habit that can help maintain eye health is drinking enough water. The eye primarily consists of fluid and requires water to maintain ocular pressure and lubrication. If there is not enough liquid to produce tears, this can lead to dry eyes and can open the door to infections and irritation of the eye. All of which can ultimately lead to visual degradation.

A good habit to get into is using sunglasses outdoors to protect the eyes from bright sunlight and harmful UV rays. UV radiation damage builds up over time and can lead to the development of cataracts or macular degeneration, even in small amounts. A decent set of sunglasses can minimise the risk of these diseases. Be on the lookout for sunglasses that expressly say that they block UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, polarised shades can further help by reducing the glare from reflective surfaces helping further protect the eyes.

Adding these small daily habits can help protect the eyes from everyday harm and increase their longevity.

Smart Vision Optometry clinics are located in Sydney. Book a Smart Vision Comprehensive Vision Skills Assessment or Advanced Eye Health Test for any child or adult by calling the Mosman clinic (02) 9969 1600 or the Bondi clinic (02) 9365 5047, alternatively book an appointment online.

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