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Fielden Family Dentistry is available in High Point, North Carolina, and offers many dental services designed to provide patients with excellent care. Want to learn more on how to schedule an appointment or even learn more about how Fielden Family may help? Visit Fielden Family Dentistry to book an appointment.

With many different services, the team at Fielden Family Dentistry can provide patients with numerous benefits. Fielden Family Dentistry offers services like basic cleanings, tooth bonding, and more, expanding its knowledge and experience around the dental world.

Here are a few services Fielden Family Dentistry offers:

General Dentistry: As general dentistry, Fielden Family Dentistry offers regular check-ups on teeth and gums. Fielden will perform oral cancer exams and take digital x-rays. Fielden Family Dentistry will also cover cleaning, flossing, sealants, root canals, extractions, and fluoride treatments.

Tooth Bonding: Another exciting service is the benefit of tooth bonding. If a patient breaks or chips a tooth, the team at Fielden Family Dentistry can help protect a tooth’s service. Procedures are designed to use enamel on a tooth’s service and then sculpted, contoured, and polished to have teeth looking brand new.

Cosmetic Procedures: The team at Fielden also offers cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental implants. Dr. Fielden has studied engineering and prides himself on crafting the perfect smile. Dr. Fielden also offers reconstruction, including problems involving bites, muscles, teeth, and bone structure.

Fielden Family Dentistry offers other benefits like dental implants, crowns that only take a one-time visit, and much more!

Dr. S. Cody Fielden said: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Providing numerous services and the best dental care hit the market make all the difference.”

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