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Pleasanton, CA – Driving under the influence is a crime in the State of California. Generally, if a driver is found to have a high BAC or be under the influence of drugs/prescription medications, they’re arrested and charged with DUI. Since DUI charges are serious and complicated, an individual needs to seek the guidance of a Criminal justice attorney in Pleasanton to help them understand their rights, possible convictions, or penalties. Gorelick Law Offices has a track record of representing individuals accused of DUI, domestic violence, violent crimes, drug crimes, federal crimes, code violations, and other criminal charges.

With more than 38years of experience practicing criminal defense, Attorney Lynn Gorelick has the skills, knowledge, and contacts to offer aggressive representation. As an attorney that believes in the work she does, Lynn strives to be a pillar of strength to all her clients, an approach that has allowed her to be renowned within the legal community. Throughout her career, she has built solid relationships with judges, court officials, law enforcement, and other legal professionals throughout California.

Upon a DUI arrest in Contra Costa or Alameda County, a driver has 10 days to request an administrative hearing, where they’re allowed to dispute their automatic license suspension. If the driver fails to request the hearing within the 10 days, they’ll have forfeited the right to a hearing. Before the criminal component of a driver’s charges begins, the Alameda County DUI lawyer helps them understand the legal processes, their rights before/during litigation, and appropriate DUI defenses specific to their arrest.

Gorelick Law Offices focuses on representing drivers accused of DUI accidents, felony/multiple DUI, underage DUI, CDL/commercial DUI, drug DUI, and 1st – 4th DUI charges. DUI charges and penalties vary depending on the severity of the offense and whether or not the driver has been convicted of a DUI previously. DUI convictions in California attract penalties such as hefty fines, jail/prison time, license suspension, community service, driver’s license revocation, alcohol/DUI education classes, increased auto insurance, and installation of an ignition interlock device.

Attorney Lynn Gorelick understands the frustration that comes with DUI cases, and this is why she’s committed to easing the lives of her clients. She understands DUI testing, BAC readings, the legal processes in California, the tactics prosecuting attorneys use against defendants, and the weaknesses to look for in physical evidence/witness testimonies. Maintaining a client’s freedom by preventing a criminal conviction is important to the attorney. For this reason, Lynn works with a team of professionals to secure the most favorable outcomes for a client’s unique case.

Before Attorney Lynn Gorelick takes on a case, she conducts extensive consultations, examines legal documents, performs necessary investigations, leverages her networks, and creates a custom legal strategy for representation. To request a free consultation, call +1 925-847-3006 or visit the law firm’s website. Gorelick Law Offices is located at 4900 Hopyard Rd Suite 100, Pleasanton, CA, 94588, US.


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