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With its updated service, Center For Innovation & Marketing helps businesses navigate Google’s grant application process that gives them access to advertising credits for the promotion of their educational content.

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The company gives clients the benefit of its expertise and knowledge of the most recent application requirements that have seen them achieve a 100% success rate in helping businesses secure their grants and remain compliant.

Advertising a business online has become one of the most important areas of marketing, with digital content being crucial for exposure. However, this growing industry means standing out from the competition is becoming increasingly expensive and more challenging. Google’s grant program for non-profits offers businesses a means of leveraging their educational content into free advertising credits.

Center For Innovation & Marketing gives businesses insight into how they can adapt their existing materials, or create new educational content that will allow them to successfully apply for advertising funding. For the application, businesses can develop evergreen educational content materials such as blogs, articles, and podcasts, or create group courses, webinars, or summits.

With over 14 years of experience in helping businesses acquire Google Grants, the company has both the expertise and understanding of the application process and its requirements. Additionally, they have helped over 500 clients to both obtain credits and remain compliant with the program, allowing them continuous access to advertising credits.

The services can also be used to develop multiple educational initiatives for a client, allowing them to diversify and acquire separate grants for further advertising credits.

Business owners who would like to learn how they can successfully apply for a Google Grant can schedule a call through the company’s website. The site also features a wide range of examples and testimonials from businesses in various industries that have obtained the grant, showcasing how educational content can be created for different businesses.

A spokesperson for Center For Innovation & Marketing said, “If you’re looking for the fastest path to exposure, funding, leverage, and growth – we are the team to help you do that.”

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