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Austin, TX – The legal team at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law has a passion for helping people navigate tough and complex situations. The immigration lawyers help people who are faced with immigration-related challenges, whether threatening their entry or staying in the United States. The attorneys take a personalized approach to all immigration issues, making sure that each client gets the help needed to position their case in a positive light.

With several years of experience to show, Lincoln-Goldfinch Law represents clients in asylum-related issues. The immigration lawyers understand the US immigration law regarding asylum-seeking and will walk their clients through the process. The immigration lawyers can help clients with either affirmative asylum – wherein a person who isn’t going through removal proceedings applies for asylum in the United States, or Defensive asylum, which applies to people involved in removal proceedings. Leveraging their years of experience and an in-depth understanding of immigration law, the immigration lawyer can advise and help clients accordingly.

People seeking temporary visas into the United States can also go through Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Austin and its team of experienced immigration lawyers. The lawyers can help with clear explanation and processing of nonimmigrant visas like visitors’ visas for business or tourism reasons. They can also help with processing employment visas like H visas for individuals in specialty occupations with a college degree or higher in specific academic fields, I-visas for foreign pressers, film crews, and other related professions, and L-visas for individuals looking to be granted a temporary leave to occupy a position within their own company in the United States.

The attorneys also help with O visas for persons deemed to have attained extraordinary achievements or abilities, P visas for individuals entering the United States for athletic events, R visas for religious workers of a non-profit religious denomination, etc. Those in need of TN NAFTA visas can also reach out for help.

Lincoln-Goldfinch Law Austin also helps clients to secure their Green cards, which allows them to stay legally in the United States for the longest possible time. The immigration lawyer can help with Green Card processing through employer sponsorship for immigrant workers, immigrant investors, and physician national interest waivers. They can also help with a green card for special immigrants, refugees or asylees, and others.

Get in contact with the immigration team at Lincoln-Goldfinch Law to discuss all specific immigration-related issues. They can help with US citizenship matters, employment-based US permanent residency, deportation defense, and immigration appeals.

Their office is located at 1005 E 40th St, Austin, Texas 78751. Schedule an appointment via phone at (855) 502-0555 or visit their website.

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