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The Steed platform intends, as one of its long-term future ambitions, to establish horse stations in various locations all over the world. Steed is a community-driven project that aims to attract people to adapt to cryptocurrency.

London, United Kingdom, 27th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, The company is proud to announce the debut of the Steed cryptocurrency, which was accomplished via an innovative blockchain concept. As a team, they have worked hard to empower and educate individuals from all walks of life with their creative initiatives. It is their goal to help people embrace the emergence of digital financial markets and help them switch to digital, crypto-based payment solutions powered by the capabilities of blockchain technology. 


As a blockchain-based equestrian token, Steed uses NFTs to represent a horse. And to facilitate a rich world of horse breeding and trading, the Steed Team has also built a decentralized marketplace where anyone can buy and sell their horse NFTs. 

The metaverse is becoming more well known, and with it comes the Steed Metaverse. Users of the Steed platform can purchase a variety of equestrian commodities, as well as nurture and breed their digital horses while doing so inside the Steed Metaverse. Horses are differentiated by several factors, with established breed types and bloodlines to distinguish the rarest and most notable Steed-created racers. 

The NFT horse farms and stud stables that make up their Steed Metaverse are all connected. Participants in the Steed Metaverse can manage horse farms and breeding stables and lease these establishments out to those interested in doing so, allowing the owner to earn rent on this digital asset. Outside of the racing simulation, players have control and can choose to rest, sell, or even breed their horse with another to grow their stable. Furthermore, Once the real-world racehorses begin their lives as racehorses, it will signal the beginning of an exciting and autonomous P2E environment and serve as a kickoff for the Steed’s economy. 

Steed token will be the official digital money for all horse communities and owners. The founders want to make it as simple as possible for buyers and sellers throughout the globe to come together, interact, and trade. Their objective has always been to aid in the rapid development of a global virtual economy based on cutting-edge technologies. Most exciting, NFT owners will be able to create and breed their stallions. Steed holders will be able to experience the beauty and fun of riding the horses listed on our NFT Marketplace.

In addition to that, Steed’s is one of the few top NFT games that deftly combines skill and pleasure, as the title suggests. This digital reality allows participants to purchase and trade horse racing tokens (NFTs) and bet on virtual horse races. There’s plenty of room to grow with an entire world to explore. Like in real life, in Steed’s digital reality, there are various ways people can make a living by owning horses, managing stables for others, reporting on developments, or in the future, hosting digital events that become Steed’s equivalent of the Kentucky Derby. 

As one of its long-term future ambitions, the Steed platform intends to establish horse stations in various locations worldwide. To give their users the chance to get a feel for what it’s like to ride a horse in real life, the founders will use these stations to organize real-life horse-racing events in many places simultaneously. With Steed’s decentralized marketplace, built on blockchain technology, traders or investors can trade with each other while eliminating intermediaries. It’s available globally and requires no intermediaries to make trades possible. 

About Steed Community:

Steed is a community-driven project with the primary goal of attracting as many people as possible to adapt and educate themselves on using new financial innovations in their daily lives. To accomplish this goal, we will be conducting frequent stations all over the globe to allow people to participate in the project.

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