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Monocle Fractional Yachts – the pioneer of the fractional yachting program – has created a new opportunity for yacht ownership with the custom-designed steel-hull yacht Destination. This ship represents a new approach to yacht ownership and design. Destination’s owners will have the chance to contribute to the design of this world-class 5-stateroom marine masterpiece as it is built. At the same time, benefiting from Monocle’s rigorous management approach.

The Monocle approach to yacht management now marries three powerful ideas. First, owners only pay for the share of the yacht they will use. Second, owners are relieved of the daily pressures and hassles of managing a yacht by Monocle’s seasoned team. Finally, with Destination, owners are paying for their yacht and not for the middlemen, yacht brokers, retailers and other actors who typically inflate the price of a luxury yacht. Monocle’s focus remains on the management of yachts. It has partnered with a global shipbuilding leader to control the costs of yacht purchase and Monocle controls the costs of yacht management using techniques and experiences gleaned over decades of yacht and other high-cost asset management. This revolutionary concept reduces the purchase cost by more than half and cuts the yearly management costs by even more when compared to older approaches to yacht ownership.

Fractional yachting is a program created by Dr. Loren Simkowitz in 2000. This program eliminates the high costs and headaches of being a solo yacht owner. In reality, most yacht owners spend only a fraction of the year on board their ship, but they pay for its upkeep and management all year.

The benefits of fractional ownership are:

Yacht ownership is a fraction of the cost.

Free of maintenance and crew worries.

Dramatically lower shared operating costs.

Significantly lower capital requirements spread over the entire construction process.

All the privileges and benefits of individual yacht ownership are included but without the hassle and costs of managing a yacht year-round. Clients that have chartered yachts for their vacations will realize that owning a share of a vessel is much less expensive, much more personalized, and far more rewarding than chartering. Purchasing a fractional share in a yacht is a safe investment with lower initial capital requirements than owning an entire ship.

Destination is the first boat in Monocle’s new bespoke program and has already sold-out. Find out more about Destination with its five staterooms, drop-down balcony and state-of-the-art stabilizers and its itineraries in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean through the links below. More boats in the bespoke program will be coming soon. Please click on the link below to register for the opportunity to learn about these yachts.

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