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BAY ST. LOUIS, MS: As summer reading season opens, author Honey Parker is releasing her NYC lockdown friends into the wild at heart, fast and funny third entry of the “Careful-ish” novels, “Bride Of Careful-ish.” (Available on Amazon.)

In this installment, love and panic are in the air. Will they or won’t they tie the knot? Grab a cocktail and curl up on your beach blanket as six friends from diverse backgrounds commit matrimony and mayhem in Manhattan amid the trials of lockdown living.

They’re all doing their off-kilter best to survive their often cocktail-infused bad decisions. True to Careful-ish form, “Bride of Careful-ish” is an ongoing festival of poor judgment, falls from grace, letters to the dead, fleeting moments of self-reflection, the occasional broken bone, a badly-timed and disastrous parental appearance and, yes, jail time.

And through it all, they have each other. It’s ensemble comedy with ongoing laughs and a surprising amount of heart. “Bride of Careful-ish” also exhibits stretches of the screwball weirdness that makes living under the watchful eye of social media so crazy.

Of the first “Careful-ish” novel, Oscar-winning screenwriter Pamela Wallace gushed, “Loved, loved, loved it!”, saying she “laughed, was surprised and deeply touched.” Of the second novel, “Daughter of Careful-ish,” IndieReader said, “Shockingly and hilariously uncareful-ish…” Readers’ Favorite used words like “Lighthearted,” “thought-provoking,” “hilarious,” and sums it up nicely by saying, “It was beautiful to read…”

Of this book, the third in the series, author Honey Parker says, “I enjoy these characters so much and love spending time with them. It’s one reason I was able to produce three books in two years. And as always, beneath the laughter is a subcurrent of heart. I think that’s one reason so many people love these books. Not that I’m biased.”

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