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Eustis, FL – Productive and happy workers are the heart of any organization, and 4M Health is dedicated to improving the health and happiness of any organization’s employees, customers, and partners. By offering telehealth kiosks, blood pressure kiosks, and temperature kiosks, the company can help organizations achieve their mission or make a difference in the lives of those they care about. The company has been leasing, selling, and servicing blood pressure kiosks since 1985, putting them in an excellent position to recommend tools that work best in each industry. When organizations contact 4M Health, they’re assigned a professional who takes pride in offering guidance, education, and support.

The QuickCheck Telehealth Kiosk from CSI Health is the perfect solution for organizations desiring to provide wellness and professional care to their employees. With telehealth connectivity and rapid wellness screenings, QuickCheck makes it easy to maintain productivity, monitor health issues, and serve employee health needs.

“The QuickCheck Telehealth Kiosk by CSI Health offers our customers a new and unique way to serve their employees and keep them happy and healthy.” – John Mullen.

The telehealth kiosk includes a high-definition telehealth monitor that’s integrated with touchscreen controls users can swipe through, pulse oximitry to measure blood oxygen levels/heart rate, a blood pressure cuff, and a load cell bench seat to measure weight accurately. On the monitor, users can view health trends over time and share health reports with medical professionals. Administrators can view anonymized, aggregated data to gain insights on population health trends and effectively communicate/motivate healthy lifestyles.

The QuickCheck Telehealth Kiosk offers a platform that connects doctors and patients through video chat 24/7. The occupational health integrations provide a custom interface for telehealth visits across campuses or locations without having to leave the clinic, reducing time away from work for consultations. 4M Health has partnered with EpicMD to offer enterprise-level telehealth services to augment health and wellness services to corporate clients. From the comfort of their homes or offices, employees will have access to professional medical services such as mental health professionals, nutritional counseling, life coaching, and many more.

Unlike most websites, 4M Health isn’t narrowed down to one Blood Pressure Kiosk solution. Instead, they sell kiosks and accessories from various manufacturers. The company has also created relationships with the manufacturers to offer services/maintenance that may not be easily available. The blood pressure kiosks they offer include the LifeClinic 90550, BP BIO 320S, Healthbot, Higi, LifeClinic 500, BP BIO 750, and many more.

Since its inception, 4M Health has served clients in corporate wellness, human resources, hospitals, clinics, startups, military, government, non-profits, YMCA, health clubs, chiropractors, dentists, and insurance agencies. Organizations ready to talk about how the QuickCheck Telehealth Kiosk can improve productivity can call 352-536-4572 or visit the company’s website. 4M Health is located at 1250 Mt Homer Rd, Eustis, FL, 32726, US.

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