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Minneapolis, Minn. – Livestream Learning Studio (the Studio) is bringing real-time, live performing arts back to the classroom, one livestream theatrical production at a time. The Studio is a subscription-based service available to schools nationwide and is the brainchild of the leadership team at The National Theatre for Children (NTC).

The Studio was created in direct response to educational deficits exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The NTC team recognized the growing need for schools to offer quality academic and social-emotional learning while reimagining arts and culture opportunities post-COVID.

For decades, NTC has recognized the positive effects of live theater on children. The Studio is a natural offshoot, streaming real-time performances straight into the classroom while simultaneously fostering social-emotional learning (SEL), growth, and a deeper connection with the educational content standards.

Studio founder and CEO Ward Eames notes, “Teachers and administrators are being asked to do more with fewer resources. By considering required standards and combining social emotional learning with academics, we’re optimizing time and funds.”

Eames is also well aware of the ongoing mental health crisis affecting school-aged children worldwide. The Studio’s live performances offer opportunities for children to hone critical social-emotional skills in the classroom with their peers.

“After viewing the performance as a class, the collaborative opportunities that follow are extremely meaningful,” says Eames. “And let’s not overlook the joyful learning environment it fosters. We promote the laugh-while-learning approach,” he says. “Because we know it works!”

Through a pilot program during the 21 – 22 school year, the Studio assessed its ability to deliver a sustainable solution to SEL challenges using its easily accessible, engaging live performances to build positive culture and provide needed curriculum enrichment.

In all, over 400,000 students and 15,500 teachers participated across schools in 26 states with excellent results.

Praise for the Studio included a technology platform that directly appeals to young learners, age-appropriate curriculum, relevant subject matter, and the supplemental resources that seamlessly integrate into teachers’ weekly lesson plans.

The teacher seal of approval is critical, but as Eames sees it, “most importantly, we are giving children what they need by bringing live, real-time theater and the arts back into the classroom.”

The subscription-based curriculum offerings for the 22-23 school year are set, with the schedule available at The offerings are aimed at students in grades 3 – 5, with plans to expand to K – 12 curricula in the future. A one-year subscription is $2,650 per building, allowing multiple classrooms and a huge number of students and teachers to access and incorporate the programming for the entire school year.

STEM Mondays feature topics like conservation, outer space, and world wonders. Wednesdays focus on health and wellbeing, with offerings that include exercise, nutrition, and self-respect. The Friday sessions are reserved for financial literacy, teaching kids when to spend or save, how to fund the future, and cybersecurity.

There are multiple real-time performances of each topic to accommodate different schedules and time zones, and an on-demand option is always available for those instances when the live programming doesn’t align with teacher needs.

“We are thrilled to have our 22-23 school year schedule set, and we’re diligently working to ensure the best possible performances are streamed into classrooms each week,” says Eames. “We are excited for more students and teachers to experience Livestream Learning Studio!”

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Livestream Learning Studio is based in Minneapolis, MN and provides livestream, theater-based learning for K – 12 students nationwide in a variety of school settings The Studio’s programming includes weekly, 30-minute interactive live real-time theater performances that cover relevant, timely, important topics for your students throughout the schoolyear. Join live to use our interactive features or watch later on-demand.

The National Theatre for Children is the largest touring educational theatre company in the world and is based in Minneapolis, MN. Since 1978, NTC has successfully tackled topics like financial literacy, energy issues, conservation, health care, smoking prevention, recycling, STEM, nutrition, bullying prevention, and more. NTC has proven theatre can educate and entertain. Our educational outreach programs are entirely underwritten by corporate, non-profit, and governmental sponsors who want to help deliver healthy-living messages to students and their families. NTC performs approximately 7,000 times a year throughout the country, actively engaging millions of students and parents through its programming.

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