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This expansion into the Polygon blockchain will help onboard a new wave of crypto users


London, United Kingdom, 24th Jun 2022, PapaExchange has announced the addition of Polygon to the extensive list of chains that support their DeFi exchange services. Developers and users who are already working on Polygon will now have access to the pegged PAPA token from PapaExchange. PAPA token can be bridged through and offers arbitrage opportunities between the 2 tokens. This development also comes with a multitude of benefits like fast transactions and very low costs.

Lately the crypto market has been anything but bullish. As the market comes crashing down, the Papas at PapaExchange are working on their ecosystem at full speed to bring users all the best features PapaExchange has to offer. These include simplified cross chain swapping, burn features and an NFT marketplace.

“Our goal was to design a platform for simplified crypto cross chain swapping – one that is user-friendly enough for inexperienced users,” says PapaExchange hardware engineer David Mansion. “Since our initial launch, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes to incorporate the best features we can offer on a DeFi exchange.”

PapaExchange is offering a platform where you can Buy, Sell and Swap both crypto and fiat on native decentralized apps. Beyond that, you can stake PAPA token for impressive rewards with 3- or 12-month contracts and solid ARPs of up to 200%. Since the PAPA token price hasn’t dropped as much as the rest of the crypto market, early stakers are already enjoying these profits. PapaExchange has also unveiled their own NFT marketplace with their own line of NFPs (Non-Fungible Papas). The NFT marketplace will soon feature more content from partnering artists.

As they plan for the near future, the Papas are developing even more features to add to the ecosystem. They will be offering audits as a service and integrating their very own Papa Wallet. The biggest upcoming feature, however, is their Papa Mobile app. 

Overall, PapaExchange has huge upside potential. Given that the Papas have been so dedicated to this project and are doing everything by the book, their community members have valid reason to trust this platform. Moreover, the Papas engage with their community on a daily basis to ensure the members feel like a valued part of the ecosystem.

PapaExchange has recently passed an audit by Analytix. The ecosystem also features a 50% vested locked wallet that will be burnt over the coming year, starting in September. As they continue along their roadmap, maintaining trust within the community remains of the utmost importance to the Papas. This is definitely a project worth stacking in one’s wallet.

Members of the public can connect with the Papas on Telegram.

About PapaExchange

PapaExchange is a DeFi exchange service that is built to simplify crypto cross chain swapping. This ecosystem comes with buy, sell and swap features for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. PapaExchange also features an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell Non-Fungible Papas (NFPs), in addition to other content created by artists. The PapaExchange ecosystem is designed to make swapping simpler by removing barriers to access and helping people understand and trust the future of money.

Media Contact

Organization: PapaExchange

Contact Person: David Mansion

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City: London

Country: United Kingdom


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