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Lebanon, PA, United States — Solar Powered Energy Theft is a new book by Jon Nelsen that teaches homeowners how to efficiently use solar energy and legal ways to leverage Government-funded solar energy without any down payment.

Jon Nelsen is a popular solar consultant and a self-proclaimed solar junkie. He has helped countless people get the most out of rooftop solar. To bring his knowledge and expertise to the masses, he has written “Solar Powered Energy Theft: Legal No Money Down Solar Panels for Homeowners.”

This exclusive book has everything a homeowner needs to:

– Save up to 26% of their solar costs on their income taxes

– Lock-in energy price for life

– Increase their home value

– And so much more without spending money out of their pocket.

Jon Nelsen began working with private clients and homeowners across the US in 2022. He wants them to transition to using solar energy for no down payment. He also wants homeowners to get the benefits of the state and federal incentives that they did not know they were qualified for. Helping them save money and reap the multiple benefits associated with solar panels.

To assist homeowners in harnessing solar energy’s power and get all the benefits out of their solar panels, Jon Nelsen has written the book “Solar Powered Energy Theft: Legal No Money Down Solar Panels for Homeowners”.  It provides ideas and guides the homeowners on how they can best use solar power to meet their daily energy needs in their homes. The book is available in paperback and hardcover versions on

Solar panels have dropped in price by about 70% in the last decade as they have become more widely used and efficient. The primary impediment to a lower price is the materials required to manufacture them, and as more people switch to solar, the price may actually begin to rise. While a typical system in the United States can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000, depending on your energy needs and the efficiency of your roof, financing has reduced the cost to a low monthly payment that’s less than your current electric bill. Furthermore, just like your home, once you’ve paid off the panels, you own them outright, and any energy they generate is almost free,” said Jon Nelsen while talking to the media.

One of the most significant benefits of shifting to solar energy is that you do not rent the energy. You buy it. The payments you make for solar energy are for your infrastructure. However, if one pays the traditional energy companies, it goes for paying for their infrastructure. With the help of solar energy, you become your own power plant from day one.

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Apart from Amazon, Google, Apple Bookstore, and Rakuten, for a limited time only, people can download the book Solar Powered Energy Theft from Jon Nelsen’s website.

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