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Littleton, COLittleton School of Music is offering in-person and online music lessons for students of all ages and abilities all year round in Littleton. The music school trains a variety of musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin, drum, cello, ukulele, saxophone, trumpet, banjo, mandolin, and upright bass. They have a singer’s edge program for children over 5 years which teaches them how to sing all styles of music and is available to licensed academies. The music school in-person lessons are taught in group and individual setups through public and private sessions, respectively. Students can enroll for online lessons to receive mentorship in private and public lessons from the comfort of their homes. Their private lessons use an individualized approach to teaching that provides one-on-one attention to ensure that a student’s hand positioning, posture, and understanding of a particular concept are correct. The music lessons cover voice, vocal, singing, songwriting, electronic music production, and more.

Littleton School of Music has a team of trained and experienced teachers and has offered music lessons in Littleton for over a decade. The school has a strong policy on continuous learning that facilitates the adoption of new emerging genres and styles of music over the years. Littleton Music School uses modern mobile learning equipment like smartphones, iPhones, tablets, or any other mobile device, as well as modern technologies for audio and video recording. The school representative had this to say about their services, “We also seek out new, fresh ways of learning, teaching, and getting involved with our community every year, so you have an experience that is evolving to serve everyone! Our philosophy is rarely “Well, that’s just the way we’ve always done things” as we listen and grow with our students and families. We have one of the largest, cleanest lesson facilities in the Littleton area that includes several large rooms for teaching, a lobby, bathrooms, and comfortable lounge areas.”

The in-person and online classes offered by Littleton School of Music provide flexibility to their students by allowing them to use school facilities or learn from home. The school teaches all ages of students, which makes its services accessible to different client groups. Their approach to learning considers a student’s interests and learning speed which ensures that their students get value for money despite their varied learning abilities. They have experienced staff who use their knowledge and skills to provide quality services.

In addition to their in-person and online music lessons, Littleton School of Music offers other services like consultations. They take time to understand students’ needs and interests before helping them choose lessons and instruments that will begin their musical journey.

Littleton School of Music is located at 6905 S. Broadway, Suite 99, Littleton, CO, 80122, US. For consultation and booking, contact their staff by calling 303-972-7625. Visit the company website for more information on their diverse, in-person, and online music lessons.

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