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As a sub-branch of Alfa Chemistry, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab recently announced its capability to conduct practical analysis for household cleaners, toiletries, industrial detergents, general cleaners, and other products.

This newly launched detergents and cleaners testing service aims to advance the R&D process of detergent products and offers a comprehensive report issued by a third-party testing lab that will certify that products are made in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

“Cleaners, dish-washing liquids, and laundry detergents are part of our everyday life. Consumers may wonder if these products really meet the safety and environmental standards. Our testing lab offers a way to crystallize out these puzzles,” states the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab. “After a detailed inspection of the provided sample, individual customers can have a clear understanding of the quality and safety of products they use. And for manufacturers, they’ll be assured to move forward to the marketing process if their products comply with the most stringent standards for production, labeling, and documentation.”

Below are some of the detergents and cleaners that can be tested at Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab:

Laundry soaps, liquid laundry detergents, fabric detergents, industrial detergents, meal washes, shampoos, carbon steel cleaners, mold cleaners, hardware cleaners, copper cleaners, hard surface detergents, powdered detergents, ship cooler cleaners, deck cleaners, bright leather cleaners, aluminum alloy cleaners, optical cleaners, pigment cleaning agents, circuit board copper point oxidizing cleaning agents, iron plate rust cleaning agents, and more.

Familiar with ISO and ASTM test guidances, standards, and specifications, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab is confident in its ability to conduct comprehensive detergent and cleaner testing projects that cover chemical analysis, physical property testing, performance tests, microbiological counts, and biocidal efficacy. All the above-mentioned tests are performed in Alfa Chemistry’s well-equipped technology facilities.

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About Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab

Leveraging a global network of testing experts and analytical equipment, Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab helps its customers gain confidence and a competitive edge through their products. After expanding the business range, the lab now has a rich and comprehensive analytical testing portfolio that covers nearly every industry. Laboratory staffs are familiar with every important international standard and guideline, covering ISO, GOST, TQSA, USDA, FDA, FOSFA, GAFTA, IFT, AOCS, and SAL, and are constantly innovating their testing approaches. All these efforts are made concertedly in the hope of bringing accurate results to clients worldwide quickly and accurately.

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