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San Diego, CA: Shoreline Recovery Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab San Diego is trusted for its capacity to deliver quality mental health rehab, alcohol treatment, drug rehab, and strategic aftercare. Their drug rehab programs combine behavioral and pharmaceutical approaches to help clients overcome drug addiction. On its part, alcohol rehab targets people with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), while Aftercare is offered as part of the long-term recovery process and discharge plan. One critical component of the program is the dual diagnosis treatment for people with co-occurring conditions. These are essentially people struggling with behavioral health, substance abuse, or other mental disorders. As a leading California rehab, the facility is delighted to celebrate the fifth year of the Joint Commission.

The rehab facility offers comprehensive treatment programs for individuals suffering from drug addiction, alcohol disorder, and mental health rehabilitation. Drug rehab treatments target people addicted to benzodiazepine, methamphetamine, Xanax, heroin, etc. The strategies used in the treatment include evidence-based therapy, clinical best practices, and prevailing skills and training opportunities.

Shoreline Recovery Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab San Diego providers are trained to utilize standardized methods of delivering clinical care. The flexible treatment plans are tailored by the professional staff to align with the clients’ needs. Because of the risk factors posed by alcohol addiction, the rehab center has assembled a team consisting of experienced doctors, counselors, therapists, and peer coaches. The team understands the intricate interplay of psychological, psychiatric, and medical conditions contributing to alcohol dependency or addiction and the strategies to attain lasting sober life.

As a top Joint Commission-accredited organization, the Shoreline Recovery Center in San Diego is happy to celebrate the fifth year of conferment. The center acknowledges the grave consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, such as brain damage, pancreatitis, job loss, and broken relationships. For this reason, they offer 4-step alcohol addiction treatment covering Connect, Plan, Implement, and Transition. During the Connect step, the patients team up with credentialed addiction doctors, peer coaches, and therapists to uncover old habits. Other critical undertakings include intake assessments, psychiatric evaluations, and physical exams. The client is expected to live a full-time independent life at the transition stage. Support programs offered during the phase include continued therapy and alumni groups.

Aftercare is an essential post-treatment service offered at the facility. It helps the individual maximize the gains made during the treatment, maintain newfound health, and live a sober lifestyle. For enhanced payment experience, Shoreline Recovery Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab San Diego accepts several insurance companies, including Anthem, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Tricare. A confidential insurance verification form is provided on their website to facilitate the process.

Call +1 866-483-6711 to speak to the drug and alcohol rehab team at Shoreline Recovery Center Alcohol and Drug Rehab San Diego. The rehab center is located at 3911 Fifth Ave Suite 202, San Diego, California, 92103, US.

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