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Miami, FL – Utility providers and key stakeholders in the energy sector can now maintain the highest level of compliance while cutting down on cost with the NERC CIP & OSHA compliance management solution offered by Force 5, Inc. Serving many of the Fortune 500 companies, Force 5, Inc. has engineered a unified platform that addresses all compliance needs, thereby boosting value, improving safety, and reducing costs.

With the compliance management solution offered by Force 5, Inc., more Fortune 500 companies in the energy and utility sector will have access to tools that help them address their current problems. Force 5, Inc.’s Gatekeeper software solution offers benefits like perimeter security logging, which takes account of visits while also presenting a dashboard that allows proper monitoring and reporting of all visits and movements. With this solution, utility businesses can control what and who logs in and gain access to their facility while maintaining NERC CIP standards.

The Gatekeeper software solution also comes with a Point of Entry Compliance feature that ensures that enterprise-level contractors logging into the facility are properly kitted, thus enforcing safety practices and minimizing damages and losses. This Perimeter enForce feature comes as individual sets or in temporary, mobile modular units to ensure utmost compliance.

With the certification tracking feature, enterprises will be able to better manage, grant, and track all of the required certifications for plant or specified entry areas. This ensures that uncertified personnel are barred entry into specific areas to reduce risks and safety problems. Using the contractor management feature, more enterprises in the energy sector can now identify their contractors better, track their certification, and monitor activities and logging, while also creating advanced scheduling, alerts, and reports on their activities.

Force 5, Inc., on its website at further revealed additional features on the Gatekeeper software solution. Some of the added features include key management that allows secured management and tracking of physical keys while also providing dynamic reporting on a unified dashboard, thus giving real-time updates to the management and monitoring team. The software solution also comes with a visitor management system that delivers point of entry and secured area visitor management services with ease.

Additional features on the software solution include device control which facilitates control of perimeters and secures areas of physical access with identifiers such as badges and fingerprints. Users can also count on the emergency muster point solution to provide a roster of visitors in the event of an emergency.

With Force 5, Inc.’s utility compliance management solution, more clients can rely on 24/7 support services, an unwavering commitment to delivering world-class services, 100% value for money, and much more. Force 5, Inc. is located at 4390 SW 73rd Ave., Miami, FL 33155. Contact them via phone at (786) 259-0084 or visit their website at

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