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New York, USA, 21st June 2022, ZEXPRWIRERichard Rakowitz is a New York-based programmer turned businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Yeet, a gaming hardware business. He entered the gaming industry to follow his passion for video games. He is responsible for all product development, growth, and marketing at Yeet. Richard has worked hard to establish Yeet as a reputed tech company. Today, Yeet is known for its integrity, performance, discipline, work ethic, and meticulous attention to detail.

Being the CEO of Yeet, Mr. Richard has worked on a number of exciting projects and developed innovative gaming products. Under his exemplary leadership, Yeet is ready to invest in Augmented Reality Game Development.  

With AR game development, we aim to achieve greater creative freedom to produce world-class gaming results. AR can handle a variety of 2D and 3D models over multiple platforms. Our AR game developers focus on developing native games for both Android and iOS devices, thus serving a large number of digital gaming enthusiasts.” ~ Richard Rakowitz

With years of technical expertise and experience, Yeet has emerged as one of the top game development companies in the US. They hold immense potential to create ground-breaking entertainment and gaming experiences.

“The developers and creators in the gaming industry are frequently producing new methods, games, and emerging technologies to attract gamers’ interest. There is an ever-evolving gaming ecosystem which demands investing in augmented reality in mobile game development for a richer experience.” ~ Richard Rakowitz

NFT game developers at Yeet are working on creating in-game objects to help players store them in their digital wallets. Players can transfer, sell, trade, and prove ownership of their in-game assets.

About Richard Rakowitz

Richard Rakowitz is a computer science graduate from NYU. He worked as a programmer for significant tech firms before founding Yeet.  Richard is responsible for Yeet’s product design, development, and advertising. He possesses outstanding leadership qualities. His progressive mindset, flexible work ethics, and communication skills make him a remarkable role model for his team.

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