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Palm Coast, FL: Capstone Planning, LLC offers various financial planning services to clients at or near retirement. One of the main offerings by the Palm Coast firm is wealth accumulation to those interested in increasing their net worth and wealth over time. While the firm curates the wealth accumulation plan based on the client’s goals and financial situation, the experts are dedicated to assisting them to escape the cycle of debt, pay for emergencies, lower their expenses, and increase their income. They also build a plan that allows clients to enjoy an earlier retirement and leave a legacy for their loved ones.

Capstone Planning, LLC is a group of financial planners who also offer asset protection planning to clients in the Palm Coast area in order to safeguard the client’s investments and personal property against legal action and financial mishaps. To avoid lawsuits, asset value losses, and seizure from third parties, the firm explores a range of options. Some of the strategies include setting up power of attorney, separating business and personal assets, assisting in choosing tax-friendly accounts, and helping select umbrella insurance for businesses. Thanks to the contingency plan, their properties and investments are protected from a significant loss of value, due to extenuating circumstances.

As a leading financial planner in Palm Coast, Capstone Planning, LLC also assists clients in drafting and formulating retirement income strategies, since retirement is often considered an unknown frontier. The Capstone team offers a range of strategies to ensure clients pay fewer taxes and their life remains largely unaffected financially. The ‘bucket’ strategy is one of the techniques to balance the client’s investment growth with liquidity. To assist the client in minimizing their exposure to inflation, the firm offers planned withdrawals as a potential strategy. Another tried-and-tested approach is social security, where the team generally advises clients to wait until their full retirement. An alternative approach would be working part-time to supplement their retirement savings.

Capstone Planning, LLC also works with clients in identifying strategies to reduce income tax, such as directing funds to tax shelters and deferring income. Thanks to their strategies, clients are protected from potential tax increases as they move toward retirement, which is often in the form of being forced to move into a higher tax bracket. Besides putting measures to handle issues arising from the Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), the financial planning firm helps clients avoid depleting their traditional retirement accounts.

Capstone Planning, LLC is located at 31 Lupi Ct, Ste 120, Palm Coast, FL, 32137. Clients interested in financial planning services can contact the team at (386) 202-4498. Visit the Capstone website for more information.

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