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Truckers have a formidable job and deserve a break. Trucker News is a web portal that provides drivers with trucking news written in a satiric and humorous way. This is an excellent way for all truckers to smile and load tons of serotonin for a change.

Why do we make such a big deal out of it? Well, in this recession, those who survive will remain. And one way to do so is to get yourself rolling with laughter.

Trucker News will help you do just that.

So take a break, relax, and laugh at You deserve it!

After a long day, truckers want to relay and boost their mod for the next shift. So reading funny articles and watching memes and videos can help.

But when it comes to being fed up with the same content, forums and funny trucking news come to light. And funny trucking news is a trucker’s best friend.

That’s why Trucker News is such a breath of fresh air.

Not only is it full of the latest information on trucking regulations, trucking news, technologies, and trends, but it also has a sense of humor that truckers can appreciate. So whether you’re looking for advice on how to stay safe on the road or just want to laugh at the funny graphic designs, Trucker News is the perfect place to turn.

The fact that this portal has become crazy popular among drivers proves that trucking news in a humoristic manner is the news trend that is a keeper.

Trucker News is the perfect way to keep truckers entertained, whether reading about recent political drama or learning about new regulations that may impact your job. It also helps ensure truckers are never bored with the same old content.

The articles on Trucker News are based on reality, but they’ve never happened or weren’t going to happen anytime soon.

And they are funny from head to toe. Like this title: Storage Container Shipment of Storage Container Ships Collides With Ship Storage Shipment Near Shippsville. How crazy is this? But the best is the way they report this fake news. They have a serious tone and really got deep into trucker slang.

In today’s world of fake news, it’s crucial to spot the real from the fake. But unfortunately, the trucking industry is full of fake news, not even funny ones.

So this website is made to make fun of all drivers and owner-operators who exaggerate their trucking experiences. Unfortunately, it has become like fishing stories lately.

And thanks to this Trucker News, truckers are better equipped to do just that.

Maybe that is because this web portal Trucker News was founded by two buddies working in the trucking industry. Of course, we couldn’t know, but they are doing a great job laughing our guts out.

The last story just proves that. The report published last week was about Idaho’s Di’s Graceful Trucking Company filling empty cabs with the walking dead. That’s right – the undead!

We won’t reveal any further. If you’re looking for trucking news that’s out of the ordinary, be sure to check out

Trucker News

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