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Laura Sylv is a Self-Love Expert and Empowerment Coach for women that feel lost in life, their confidence, and feel ready and willing to make impactful and positive changes in their lives. For more information, click the following link:

What makes Laura special is her life story or as she calls it, “war with myself” that gave her first-hand experience of how to overcome many obstacles in life, but finally get to a place where she has new-found love for herself. Laura was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 18, and it changed the world around her. She had to face near-death experiences several times and battle depression, but it only made her stronger. She is living proof that things can get better as long as you’re willing to make the changes.

Another unique aspect of Laura – is her calming and compassionate nature, she gives off a very peaceful and relaxing aura. She is totally open and honest with her clients, since she has a story to tell. Laura also offers a very high level of support to her clients, so they never feel alone while facing their problems. Your confidence will be boosted in no time thanks to Laura.

If you are still not convinced by her unique attitude and experience, Laura is also an NLP Master practitioner as well as a hypnosis master practitioner, which helps her guide women to become the best of themselves. She also has diplomas in CBT, mindfulness, life coaching, and digital marketing which makes her an even more interesting person to work with, using a combination of her skills.

Laura is compassionate and none judgmental, she’s honest, and always real! She understands and has empathy to what you are going through and is willing to guide you and help you on your journey to becoming a better and stronger person. Thanks to Laura, changes do not have to be scary anymore, and ultimately, the only person holding you back from your truest potential, is you.

Use the following link to book a call today:

Laura Sylv – Self-love & Empowerment Coach

48-49 Moor Ln

United Kingdom

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