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Greenfield, WI: For a long time, many chronic pain sufferers have been relying on pain medication and surgery to combat pain, but with the new regenerative medicine at QC Kinetix (Greenfield), things are set to change. Regenerative medicine is a targeted therapy that relieves pain and inflammation and helps drive essential nutrients to hasten the healing process. The treatment is unlike conventional therapy, which relies heavily on synthetic and potentially harmful chemicals. QC Kinetix (Greenfield) regenerative medicine can help patients with knee pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, and more.

The biologic therapy offered by board-certified physicians at QC Kinetix (Greenfield) comes as a great relief to patients who have been longing for a treatment that heals faster with minimal adverse effects. Widespread concerns that followed the opioid crisis is another reason why many people are considering regenerative medicine. Once the treatment is completed, patients can return to a normal routine within short notice.

Regenerative medicine enhances the body’s healing capabilities, helping relieve pain and promote the healing of various body tissues and bones. QC Kinetix (Greenfield) natural restorative therapies target the wrist, ankle, low back, foot/hand, finger/toe, hips, and tendon and ligaments. Patients suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and joint pain can seek consultation to learn more about their conditions. The medical team is focused on ensuring many people benefit from the treatment.

Popular treatments offered at the regenerative medicine Greenfield clinic include targeted biologic therapies and light therapy. With regenerative medicine, patients with arthritis pain no longer need to overly depend on pain medications. The treatment works gradually to offer lasting relief. For athletes and other patients with shoulder pain, the skilled and experienced pain control doctors here are well-versed with common causes like degenerative diseases, tension due to stress, sports injuries, and overuse. They also understand shoulder pain can impede one’s ability to perform a range of motion, among other limitations that can affect the quality of life.

The clinic’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section provides answers to common questions and concerns patients may have with regard to regenerative medicine, treatment eligibility, and more. Patients can book a no-obligation consultation to learn about the cost of treatment. It is worth noting that regenerative medicine has no significant downtime to worry about since the full results of the treatment can be felt within nine months. Testimonials have been posted on the website and YouTube page to help patients know what to expect during and after the treatment.

The pain control doctors at QC Kinetix (Greenfield) can be contacted via (414) 285-3474. Their new state-of-the-art treatment clinic is located at 4131 W Loomis Rd, Suite 210, Greenfield, WI, 53221.

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