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New York, USA, 14th June 2022, ZEXPRWIRELaDay Smith started his podcast named ‘Meet Smith’ back in 2012. It is an educational podcast with the primary aim of aspiring marketers new skills, sharing personal experiences, and introducing new tools. LaDay generously shares the knowledge and experience that he has acquired over the years with emerging, marketers, and advertisers. 

LaDay is celebrating 10 years of his podcast with a special topic: ‘Helping Brands Decode Consumer Behavior and Decisions.’ Meet Smith has been talking about new marketing trends and success stories from businesses Smith has worked with. LaDay often interviews thought leaders from the digital marketing space who share their best marketing practices and tips for entrepreneurship. People follow Meet Smith to keep themselves updated regarding current marketing events and happenings. The podcast has grown so much since it started, all because of a ton of marketing tips Smith regularly shares with his listeners. 

Meet Smith podcast is a go-to destination for many marketers who want to learn how to succeed as a marketer and nail your online business. In his podcast episodes, he talks about the basics of advertising like how to launch products, build email lists, create lead magnets, and so forth. Each episode is packed with value!.”  Discover Pods Review

If you want to keep yourself updated regarding what’s happening in the digital marketing world, you need to tune in to Meet Smith every Weekend,”  Smith said. “It’s been ten years since I have been discussing all things digital advertising: SEO, copywriting, conversion optimization, analytics, paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and much more.

Entrepreneurship and advertising may seem to be two different topics but the core is establishing credibility and securing a market share either for your own business or your client’s company. LaDay Smith balances the two topics well and inspires listeners to focus on their dreams without the fear of failure.

Meet Smith also delivers case-based stories allowing listeners to apply those tactics to their own business. LaDay invites and asks marketing experts from local and global companies about their successful marketing strategies. For ten years, Meet Smith has been guiding people on how to use YouTube as a marketing funnel, how to use Quora as a supplementary marketing channel, and how Reddit leverages discussion to build credibility from real industry experts.

Meet Smith has 1200 plus episodes and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and Stitcher.

About LaDay Smith

LaDay was born in Belarus but raised in New York, USA. He is an entrepreneur, Amazon best-selling author, and a sought-after public speaker in addition to a well-known advisor. He started his podcast, Meet Smith in 2012, and for 10 years educated millions of people about digital advertising and entrepreneurship.

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