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Husband Pillow has launched a newly updated range of comfortable, relaxing pillows for use in the home or on the road. The multi-purpose products are available in a range of colors, with sizes including XXL and Medium.

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The innovative pillows are designed with functionality in mind and offer added support for the neck. With the latest product update, the team ensures that more customers worldwide can get the ergonomic pillows they need.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, more businesses are set to offer remote work positions for staff. The Husband Pillow is well suited to working on the couch or bed, and is lightweight enough to be easy to transport and use on the move.

The design features a bungee cord which allows for placement under the knees or lower back for optimal comfort in multiple positions. This makes the pillow versatile enough to be used for watching TV, gaming, or lounging throughout the home.

One of the most popular use cases is as a nursing pillow for breastfeeding mothers. Cradling babies for extended periods of time can become uncomfortable, but with the Husband Pillow in position, customers can feed more comfortably throughout the day.

The company has taken care to ensure that each element of the design has the customer’s comfort in mind. It features an inner shell zipper which allows customers to add or remove foam depending on their requirements.

At 31 inches tall and 16 inches wide, the pillow has a total arm spread of 39 inches. This enables customers to ensure optimal support for their back, neck and head in any position.

Integrated side pockets allow customers to store their smartphone or other accessories out of reach. In addition to this, the pillow is easy to clean.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We’re so convinced that you will love this revolutionary reading pillow that you can try for 101 days, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you will get a full refund.”

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