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Redmond, WA – Liquor Laboratory is growing fast. The company has announced yet another acquisition as it completes talks and contracts with Before the acquisition, was a website focused on responsibly sourced botanical blends with a dash of gin alcohol. The purchase will help Liquor Laboratory to further deepen its penetration into other areas while providing accurate and informative resources to alcohol lovers worldwide.

Announcing the acquisition of, Lydia Martin noted that the website aligned with their short and long-term goals for Liquor Laboratory. She added that they would continue to provide accurate and informative resources to readers of the acquired platform.

In her opening message following the acquisition finalization, Lydia Martin wrote: “A spirited welcome to all the loyal fans and supporters of Drink Mary! We are delighted to have you check out our site and our shared love for distilled spirits. We are a team of liquor enthusiasts committed to providing you not just the strongest alcohol but also drinks with a lighter touch on your body, mind, and the world.”

Her opening message also showed her love for Drink Mary’s passion, especially as she mentioned Drink Mary has 6x less alcohol than gin and only nine calories per single 25ml pour. “No carbs, no sugar, no artificial flavors or sweeteners – just pure, fresh, and sophisticated dry taste,” she added.

In their first issue to welcome Drink Mary’s readers to the new transition, Liquor Laboratory published a complete guide to the 10 best low-calorie gins in 2022. The resource pointed out that gin’s calories are significantly lower than most other spirits have. With more people becoming health-conscious, the demand for low-calorie gin has increased, thus necessitating the latest publication.

Liquor Laboratory aims to help readers start making gin their favorite spirit by walking them through the different options they can explore while excluding unnecessary sugary mixers.

The publication goes over options like Plymouth Gin with 42% alcohol by volume and 62 calories per 25ml consumed; Copperhead gin with 40% alcohol by volume and 60 calories per 25ml consumed; Bombay Sapphire with 47% alcohol by volume and 56 calories per 25ml consumed; Beefeater London Dry Gin with 40% alcohol by volume and 67 calories per 25ml, etc.

Other mentions in the recently published resource include botanist gin, Bulldog gin, Hendrick’s gin, Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Gordon’s special dry gin, and Monkey 47 Sloe Gin. Visitors on the website can explore the other resources, including the different cocktail and virgin drinks recipes under the recipe category, different spirits and wines under the Spirits and Wine categories, respectively, and others.

Liquor Laboratory is physically located at 17275 NE 120th Way, Redmond, WA, 98052, United States. All resources can be accessed on their website or readers can call 425 450 2480 for inquiries.

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