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Charlotte, NC – Achieving a healthier life is paramount for everyone looking to add to their well-being; that includes using the right products, even in the beauty industry. Freecoat nails is the top beauty franchise helping its customers realize this goal, thanks to its high-end products devoid of chemicals and toxic fumes. After learning that most traditional beauty products lead to skin irritation, respiratory problems, and general health deterioration, Freecoat nails found it wise to eliminate some of the toxins such as triclosan, artificial fragrances, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene.

“If there is an unregulated industry, it has to be the beauty products industry. The issue has made consumers unaware of the chemicals they come into contact with. The main agenda of Freecoat nails is to ensure that all consumers of its products, including men and children, have a toxic-free experience for all their nail and beauty needs. Toxic-free beauty services are the way to go, and our focus is on the communities we serve. We ensure that our customers stay true to their bodies by being transparent on what we offer,” said a business representative.

The service providers at Freecoat nails appreciate that most people nowadays put their health first and demand the right to know what they are being exposed to for the sake of their well-being. Therefore, the toxic-free products by Freecoat nails are bound to work best for all aspiring to take care of their bodies wholly. Apart from clean polish and pedicure tabs, they have ensured that their filtration system is medical-grade, making the air in their nail salon clean from any toxic fumes.

In a year, the business has boosted great results and amassed positive responses from its customers. The growth is attributed to their ability to place their clients’ health first and offer a solution to promote humans’ general well-being through beauty products and services. As their slogan states, as per John 3 1:2 states, “it is vital to be healthy both in spirit and body,” and they do this by extending the same to their customers.

The Freecoat nails team recommends that people consult with professionals in the beauty industry on what to use. Those who are yet to try Freecoat nails should consider them the next time they are in need of a beauty treatment. The company has an array of products and services that will make clients’ nails and skin feel good and add value to their customers’ general well-being. Their services include Nail Art, Pedicure, and Manicure, among others.

For more information about Freecoat Nails and its services, visit their website or talk to their customer care representative at (704) 449-9262. Freecoat nail is situated at 10000 Twin Lakes Park Way, Suite B, Charlotte, NC, 28269, USA.

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