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After selling out of its NFT collection, Toxic Skulls Club is launching a new utility called Chambers on July 1, 2022 to bring additional benefits to holders.

United States, 9th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Toxic Skulls Club is a community driven NFT collection of 9,999 Toxic Skulls, uniquely generated from over 390 hand-drawn traits. Owning a Toxic Skulls Club NFT allows you to join the club and enjoy its benefits. 

Chambers is a new utility created to reward holders of a Toxic Skulls Club NFT. The longer someone holds their NFT, the more rewards they unlock. Some rewards will include airdrops, merch discounts, access to an alpha channel, skins of their NFT to play in the NFT World, and so much more. There will also be giveaways in each Phase. The more Skulls someone has in the Chambers, the better your chances of winning the following giveaway prizes: ETH giveaways, custom sneakers hand painted by Friks and much more.

There is no custodial contract needed where the NFT leaves your wallet. They are creating a reward system where your NFT will stay in your wallet and you can unlock rewards by putting your Toxic Skulls Club NFT inside a Chamber through their website. 

Being a Toxic Skulls Club holder grants you access and benefits such as exclusive drops, access to in real life events and more. Each Toxic Skulls Club NFT allows its holder to vote on experiences and future perks. When you buy a Toxic Skull, you’re gaining membership access to a club that will increase over time in not only members but benefits! You’ll be able to join a private discord channel, designed to propose your ideas and make decisions alongside our team about the future of TSC. 

Regarding the Metaverse, Toxic Skulls Club will be extended to Arcade Land, NFT World & The Otherside. These lands will be their headquarters, where all the Toxic Skulls can meet. Toxic Skulls Club currently has 2 lands in Arcade Land, 2 in NFT World and 2 in The Otherside. Development of their Toxic Amusement Park in NFT World is underway along with an official partnership with Arcade Land. 

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Toxic Skulls Club is constantly blending and redefining the way utility is used within the web3 space and real world application. Their vision is to integrate and continue to develop unique concepts and utilities. TSC is looking to leave its mark in not only the NFT space but also in real life. 

For more information about Toxic Skulls Club, visit their website and join Discord. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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