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Fort Worth, TX – The Medlin Law Firm brings more than 84 years of combined legal experience to the table. Their criminal lawyers work with accused clients, convicted offenders, and ex-convicts to navigate the various stages of the criminal justice process. Criminal lawyers help convicted felons seek criminal record expungement. This completely removes or erases the records, and end up as if they never happened.

“Criminal records come with some obvious consequences, including heavy fines and potentially time in jail or prison. However, there are often more subtle consequences of a criminal record as well that can follow you for life, limiting job opportunities or stalling educational options. All of us make mistakes; however, those mistakes do not always have to follow you forever. If you have a criminal record, a Fort Worth expunction lawyer could be an advocate for your rights as you explore the state’s expunction process,” said the lead attorney at the law firm.

Ex-convicts in and around the Fort Worth, TX area can schedule a consultation meeting with The Medlin Law Firm criminal lawyer to discuss their case and how to have their records sealed. The attorneys take an honest and transparent approach by first reviewing the client’s situation to determine eligibility. Once determined, they press on to ensure that specific records are erased and that their client is free from the consequences of those records.

Other than representing clients in the expunction process, the attorneys are also familiar with saving clients from criminal convictions. They take a personalized approach to criminal representation, making sure that each client’s case is handled uniquely and backed by the firm’s full resources.

Accused persons facing assault charges, domestic violence charges, drug charges, violent crime charges, etc., are welcome to contact The Medlin Law Firm criminal attorney to get started. The attorneys offer an initial consultation where they get to know the client and their case better. They, thereafter, break down the case into simple bits, evaluate the client’s chances, and design appropriate defense strategies to get them a positive outcome.

Going by their long list of case wins, The Medlin Law Firm aims to win each case handled for its client. However, they can also help in other instances involving plea deals, alternate sentencing, etc. Clients can schedule an appointment with them for an honest appraisal of their legal chances.

The Medlin Law Firm is located at 1300 S University Dr #318, Fort Worth, TX 76107. Their office can be reached via phone at (682) 204-4066 or visit their website.

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