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Kyuubi is derived from ancient Eastern Asian mythology, and symbolizes attributes of agility, adaptability, and the ability to grow wise.

Miami, United States, 9th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, $KYUB Community Driven Utility Token

Kyuubi is a new CryptoCurrency project. A community-driven utility token, holders of Kyuubi Token will explore Entertainment, Intellectual Property, and Metaverse. Kyuubi is an initiative taken for a fun, safe, community based, investing opportunity built to be successful through security, scalability, versatility, and longevity. Kyuubi for use represents the ability to grow and become an autonomous machine, hunting all other facets of on-chain utility and metaverse/NFT implications. 

As the world of Meme Tokens continues to take digital finance by storm, the start of 2021 saw a proliferation of meme Tokens in the digital finance market. Readers unfamiliar with meme tokens are simply a meme-inspired digital currency. Ironic to their meme theme, meme tokens are doing well in the digital finance arena and are increasingly becoming popular. The latest edition to the Meme Token is the Kyuubi project successfully launched and received an overwhelming response. The project takes safety and security as a top priority and ensures Certik is currently auditing the project and their team is KYC’d. This, paired with their multi-signature gnosis wallet, keeps the project invulnerable.

Today, it’s tough for crypto projects to bring value to their holders, especially mid to long-term. Therefore, they create a vast presence on Twitter, Instagram, and across cryptocurrency, cementing their market presence. Building innovative and refreshing utility on the blockchain and incorporating NFTs, entertainment, or metaverse implication in the future.

The project is a collaboration between the Genyen trading group and a group of close-knit, experienced friends who operate in ETH and Binance. It started with a thought to form a team that could address the scarcity of inspired meme tokens. The mission might create a system that allows for maximum transparency, security, adaptability, and long-term viability. As a result, Kyuubi was created.

Kyuubi Token supply has been allocated across multiple functions to allow future flexibility in maneuvering utility alongside a Gnosis multi-sig wallet. Kyuubi’s target market is broad and focused on crypto and non-crypto users. It offers a familiar, secure, and effective environment for its users. SpaceFi plans to capitalize on the incredible adoption rate of cryptocurrency and bring features and utilities that solve real problems in the marketplace. Top global and influential advisors to be onboarded as development progresses. 

The project developers shared: ‘We will always operate to further the ideal of positive community, always emboldened, while delivering economical and technologically or socially meaningful utilities that provide on-chain/off-chain utility for investors, to further grow our community perpetually.’Their team comprises experienced crypto geeks who have been in the crypto space for years and have achieved success in their crypto endeavors and proficient and skilled developers. 

Readers interested may purchase $KYUB using their official Website or PancakeSwap on PC and Mobile through MetaMask. Currently, the purchase is only available through $KYUB with BNB (BEP-20) tokens, available to send to DeFi Wallet through centralized exchanges like KuCoin, or directly on their site through Moonpay.

Join their Telegram or Discord to chat with the #FoxyFrens, or the team and keep up to date on all their most recent happenings. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter to get exciting insights about the project. 

For more details and information, visit their website.

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