Richard Brock, named the ‘Father of CRM’ by CRM Magazine, announces a new Objective Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Insights Tool to Help Any Size Business Achieve Exponentially Higher Sales


Up until now, there was no objective way to forecast sales so Richard Brock created a new tool: Forecasting4U(TM) which uses digital behavior analysis for accurate Sales Forecasts and Pipeline Insights.

The Forecasting4U(TM) system uses an objective analysis of deals that did close (based on Conversation Insights) to create specific Revenue Plans that can automatically be assigned to similar deals.

Sales Activities are automatically logged in the comprehensive Story-So-Far which creates a Revenue Plan for every deal to allow the Sales Manager (and the Sales Rep) to easily see what they must do to close each deal.

About Say2Sell

Say2Sell is a state-of-the-art web-based interactive virtual selling platform that can easily plug into a current Sales Technology Stack, and it sets itself apart from others because it’s loaded with built-in real time Playbooks, Talking Points, Email Marketing, Text Messaging, a Virtual Assistant, Notification of important prospect interactions, and Sales Activity Monitoring and Measuring – all-in-one!

Say2Sell, powered by SalesTalk Technologies, creates AI Sales Call Blueprints to ensure sales reps are immediately and sustainably relevant to their prospects throughout the sales cycle.

Sales Call Blueprints include:

Dynamic Playbooks (What2Say(TM)) which uses everything that has been sent to, read by, said to, or said by a prospect to generate a customized Playbook for each prospect, for each call.

An Activity Chronicle that serves as a Call Map. The Story-So-Far(TM) feature is very valuable to any company that wants to track historical information of all interactions with their prospects and customers, and especially companies that record their calls.

Sales Rep content feedback loop to Marketing (Useful2Me(TM)) and,

A better way to coach reps during calls (Coaching4U(TM) and Suggestions2U(TM)).

These three recently filed Patents are examples of the unique and valuable information not captured in other Sales Enablement or Conversational Intelligence systems:

The Conversation Lens (application filed 05/07/2022) is the magnifying glass that helps find the relevant signals embedded in all the irrelevant noise that comprises most of the tsunami of call recordings and notes made by sales reps that you must sort through to identify the few minutes of calls that merit your scarce listening time.

A closely related concept, Behavior Modeling for Accurate Sales Forecasting, (application filed 05/04/2022) applies behavior-based modeling of successful sales activities to produce accurate, defensible, objective sales forecasts by identifying and measuring the behaviors (activities) that lead to opportunities being won.

Another tool to tame the tsunami of call recordings is WhatWuzSaid(TM) (application filed 10/17/2021), is a 3D view (see the video, hear the voice, and read the transcription) of The Conversation Intelligence Facts.

Among other things, this feature displays the recording of the call starting at the time when the subject of interest was covered during the call.

SalesTalk is unique in the way that it captures with 100% accuracy the subjects being discussed, and most importantly uniquely captures the actual time subjects are discussed (the duration points are discussed is the most accurate measure of what is of most interest to the prospect).

About Richard Brock

As a tech-savvy entrepreneurial software CEO, Richard Brock spent 30 years building successful companies focused on industry-changing CRM Solutions, Marketing Automation Solutions, and patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications.

He is a Certified Public Accountant with an MBA from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Science from Spring Hill College.

Richard created SalesTalk to be a game-changing Sales Enablement Solution to increase sales performance through AI Guided Relevancy in every prospect interaction. He has 8 Patents Pending for unique sales enablement technologies around AI and Conversation Intelligence.

Richard is honored to serve the community and the industry in many ways as the:

Chairman of Georgia High Tech Month

President of the Atlanta Business and Technology Alliance

President of the Southeast Software Association

President of the Entrepreneur’s Division of the Information Technology Association of America

Board Member of the Technology Executives Roundtable

Richard was named Georgia High Technology’s Entrepreneur of the Year, one of the ’10 Most Influential People in CRM’ by Sales and Marketing Automation magazine, and CRM Magazine calls him the “Father of CRM”.

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