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San Francisco, CA: Pico MES provides MES Software to small and medium-sized factories, assisting the owners in streamlining their operations. With the system, clients get real-time data, which is crucial in reducing errors and ensuring the factory’s system has less scrap. Thanks to connecting all tools to the systems and increasing the factory’s efficiency, they increase yield, which is the goal of every manufacturing business in America.

The software also accommodates all manufacturing businesses, regardless of the operational nature and the tools used. If a device in the client’s factory does not appear in the Pico MES, the team incorporates it at no additional cost. Once every machine and tool is incorporated into the system, they can easily spot bottlenecks, downtime, and other inefficiencies in real-time.

Besides minimizing factory waste, the MES Software ensures the client does not lose data, which is often common in typical manufacturing operations. It runs locally to match the factory’s infrastructure, and everything is backed up in the cloud. To bring operators on board, Pico MES has a visual worker guide, which assists them in understanding how the system works and backs up the data.

The MES Solution assists factories in rotating employees more quickly, thanks to the automated guidance screen. Besides reducing the need for human trainers, which increases the factory’s running costs and slows down the rotation process, the company ensures the interactive screens offer more instructions in an easy-to-understand format. It is also tailored for new operators, assisting them in getting up-to-speed with the factory’s systems.

The MES system is built to accommodate other changes besides rotating employees. It is fast and flexible, ensuring the client is not locked in labor and time-intensive processes, often synonymous with changes in manufacturing businesses. The operators also have access to digital work instructions, which assist them in learning the streamlined version of the factory operations faster and on their own.

In addition to assisting small and mid-sized factories to increase yields and streamline operations, the MES Software is easy to set up and operate, regardless of the factory’s size and available systems. The company sends the client everything they need to start, including hubs (edge devices) and local servers.

The setup process is easy as the client only needs to create work instructions within the set interface and connect to tools by quickly dragging and dropping elements around. Once everything is set, they can test the station to check whether everything functions efficiently. If they need assistance, the company has a team on standby to help them in the setup process.

Interested clients can visit Pico MES’s website for more information regarding the manufacturing execution system. The company is located in San Francisco, CA, 94115, US.


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