Morteza Ataei (born 1995) is an Iranian athlete.

He became famous in Iran at the beginning of the 1380s by playing in several national competitions in martial arts.

Morteza Ataei turned to wrestling in the late 1380s and was able to prove himself to coaches soon and progressed rapidly.

He was thin at the beginning, but with a lot of effort he became a big body.

Despite the hardships of life, he could hardly wrestle and continued his education with wrestling and working.

He became the first student to enter the university and was able to take the top rank.

After a few years, he qualified for the national team and became a national wrestler.

But they ate his right.

Morteza Ataei is an Iranian wrestler with a degree in mechanical engineering and a degree in psychology.

Most people called him Morteza 2020 because he was considered worthy of participating in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan.

He is currently practicing wrestling and teaches at a school in Tehran.

He is single and progressing.

We wish success to Morteza Ataei, a wrestler with Iranian ethics.





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